Four Ways To Become A Sleight Of Hand Pro

Become a sleight of hand pro and amaze your friends!

I'm going to show you four ways help you become a sleight of hand pro, because I feel it's an essential element in learning the art of deception. Plus, it's fun!

Many newbie magicians want to perplex and amaze their friends and family. So they trot on down to their local magic shop and ask the clerk about how to learn sleight of hand. The result? Many times, the clerk would recommend a handful of books and videos to learn from.

The young magician grimaces, and thereafter catches an over the counter demonstration of a cool magic trick. They get swept off their feet, buy the trick and take it home to practice once or twice before failing miserably before their friends.

If you want to learn to become a sleight of hand pro the way the greats in magic have, there are essentially three ways - and buying a trick over the counter isn't one of them.

You either have to buy books on the topic. I know, I know, many people these days aren't in to the whole book scene. However, it may be easier to learn by reading a book that teaches you your passion. So, give it a shot - it worked for me, and it can work for you too!

Buy instructional videos on the subject. There are many great DVD tutorials on sleight of hand taught by professional close-up magicians. Sure, you can look up You Tube tutorials on sleight of hand (there are some good ones out there), but many of them are taught by giddy tweens that can't even palm a coin correctly.

Another way to learn sleight of hand is by joining a magic club in your area that meets once a month. It may be a little difficult to find one, but if you do, you can get together with other budding magicians and constructively teach each other the art.

Also, go to your local magic shop and ask the clerk to teach you an easy sleight, I'm sure he/she wouldn't mind. They are there to help you and want you to become a sleight of hand pro too!

Here are four more tips to become a sleight of hand pro in the privacy of your own home:

1. Mirror

Do you have a close friend in the magic world? A magic buddy? Well, when it comes to practicing magic. Mr. Mirror should be your BFF!

Using a mirror is essential in practicing your sleights the correct way. It allows you to look at your angles, making sure you don't accidentally reveal a hidden object (flashing) in your hand.

It also allows you to practice your moves so that the mechanics, subtleties, naturalness of your overall sleight looks perfect. Pretend that the person in the mirror (your refection) is your spectator, that way you can focus on your angels. Sometimes a particular sleight may have angle issues, for example, a trick may have to be angled at the spectators eye level, etc. So grab a mirror and start practicing!

2. Master

Choose one sleight that you want to master and stick to it. Many who start out in magic learn a dozen tricks, and think they're on top of their game. However, it's far better to select a couple of sleights/tricks and master it until it becomes second nature. It's better to have mastered a few tricks/sleights with perfection than to have learned 50 tricks poorly.

3. Misdirection

Basically misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. Misdirection can be accomplished through many ways, by directing your eyes, speech and body language to the opposite side of where you want your spectator to NOT look.

4. Practice

Many beginning magicians take this one for granted, but is essential to practice your moves to perfection before showing anyone. Once you have the mechanics of your sleight down, ie., making sure it looks natural and that you're not flashing in any way, than you can start practicing your sleight.

How often do I practice, you say? A good rule of thumb is to practice your move/trick in front of the mirror 50 to 100 times or until it becomes second nature - like breathing. Many of the top pros in magic don't even have to look at their hands when they perform!

If your serious about magic and want to become a sleight of hand pro,

I'm going to make it easy for you.

See that video to the left? It's a "Crash Course In Sleight of Hand Card Tricks" instructional video by Brad Christian of Ellusionist.

Brad if the founder of Ellusionist and the teacher of this video. He and his team have been putting out quality tricks and tutorials for over a decade now. He's the real deal. I should know, I've worked with him on a magic project at one time.

It's only $24.95 and worth every penny. The video teaches you the fundamentals of card sleights which is the foundation for performing awesome tricks. These are some of the things you can learn...

• Control a card

• Palm a card

• Force a card

• How to execute a double-lift (David Blaine does this one a lot)

Brad teaches you all about the mechanics grip, breaks, double lifts, false cuts, shuffle controls, jog controls, and much more. These sleights are the essence of card magic itself and will help you to become a sleight of hand pro.

At 24 bucks and some change you get TONS of value for that nifty price. Not only that, but the DVD is fully backed with a 90-Day unconditional guarantee, so there's nothing to lose on this one.

Grab it today: Crash Course In Sleight of Hand Card Tricks



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