Autumn Morning Star (b. ?)


Real Name

Autumn Morningstar




Magician, Performer, Storyteller, Cultural speaker

Place of Birth

Louisiana, USA






Dusky Brown


Morning Star possesses the ability of supreme intellect. She graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude, from University College at the University of Memphis, earning her "Bachelor of Liberal Studies" degree in American Indian Studies.

Graduating with the highest grade point average in her college, she was named "Commencement Marshall" for her graduating class of may 2000.

In 2002, she garnered her "Master of Arts in Liberal Studies" degree, researching both Native American Herbal Medicine and American Indian poetry and literature.

Interesting Fact

She was honored the "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Scholarship Award" from the University of Memphis for her outstanding efforts in areas of social justice, human rights and race relations.

She holds a perfect 4.0 grade point average and plans to continue school.


Autumn Morning Star was Raised in a farm in the woods of Louisiana. Despite her Louisiana childhood, Miss Morning Star descends from Cajun French and American Indian background.

She has a strong tie to Choctaw and Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana where her father's family has roots.

Morning star took interest in the art of magic at the age of 5. She watched an old Vaudeville magician pluck a coin from her brother's ear. Miss Morning Star tugged on his pant leg and pestered him until he showed her how the trick worked.

In 1981 she worked in a magic shop in Denver where she began to take the art seriously.

She became a member of the "Hollywood Magic Castle" in 1986, and "International Brotherhood of Magicians" in 1987.

Wanting to implement American Indian themes in her show, she sought permission from her family elders and her Indian nation.

After much deliberation, they agreed to her request as long as she stayed away from the sacred.

Her grand stage show, "Illusion in the Shadow of the Wind" combines storytelling and sign language with the heartbeat of native drums. The haunting melody of her Indian love flute weaves a web of mystery throughout the show.

Dancers appear and swirl to the soulful sounds of traditional Indian songs. These cultural elements are delicately entwined with grand illusion.

Her show has taken her across the globe and received rave reviews across the USA, Europe and Asia.

She is a frequent quest lecturer at many cross-cultural events, speaking on educational stereotypes, herbal medicine and important cultural issues.

Her lectures and workshops help build new foundations of understanding by creating a window into the complex world of Native American Indians today.

Morning Star is one of fifty American Indians chosen by the Smithsonian Institute's "National Museum of the American Indian" to be part of "Living Voices," a series of contemporary cultural profiles which are currently airing on "National Public Radio."

She is also an award-wining artist and sculptor, and a published poet.

Miss Morning Star currently resides in Colorado and Europe, and in 2010 she launched her mega-hit family show, "Ancient Stories and Other Well-Kept Secrets."

For more information, visit Autumn Morning Star's official website.

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