David Blaine Arm Twist Illusion Revealed





• The "bone break sound": If you want to create the breaking bone sound of the arm for this David Blaine illusion, simply buy a plastic cup and place it under the arm pit of your other, non-twisted arm.

Make sure you are wearing a jacket to conceal the bulk of the cup. Perform the arm twist illusion, and when you're ready to crack your twisted arm, just squeeze your arm pit thereby crushing the cup. The sound will send chills up your spectators spine!

• The "Twisted arm look": (You must wear a jacket for this effect)To create a twisted pretzel look to your arm, you must first get a hold of some fishing line - preferably 1 lb test Monofilament. You can find this product at your local Target or Walmart. You will also need a pair of scissors.

Simply tie the fishing line around your wrist(not too tight - we wouldn't want to cut off circulation), with the knot hiding under your wrist (make sure the knot is not visible), and wrap the fishing line diagonally around your arm.

When wrapped around tight enough, it cuts into the skin creating a layered look. Tie the other end of the line around your elbow area. After you perform the illusion, pull up your sleeve revealing the twisted effect of your arm, making sure you don't pull back beyond the elbow area.

Show the twisted look temporarily and then pull down your sleeve. Don't over show them! You just want to shock them for a few seconds, not giving them any time to try and figure anything out.

Combine the "Bone Break" effect along with the "Twisted" look and your spectators should be freaked out of their minds!

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