Andre Kole (b. 1936)


Andre Kole's Real Name

Robert Gurtler Jr.





Place of Birth

Phoenix, AZ, USA


5' 10






Kole possesses the ability to create mega-miracles. He has invented a number of mind-boggling illusions which have been performed by top illusionists including Copperfield, David, and Siegfried and Roy

Kole himself has mysteriously vanished a ten-foot-tall, replica of the Statue of Liberty, weighing several hundred pounds in front of baffled audiences, traveled into the fourth dimension, and has walked on water.

Interesting Fact

There is only one trick Kole has yet to master. He has never pulled a rabbit from a hat. The reason: he is allergic to rabbits.


Andre Kole has mystified hundreds of millions in over 30 years with his elaborate and astonishing full-stage productions of illusion.

Spending as much as 60% of his time each year on tour, he has performed throughout the United Sates and in 79 countries of the world. Millions of individuals have witnessed his incredible talent via special televised appearances that aired in 40 countries.

Kole, was born Robert Gurtler Jr. in 1936. Gurtler was inspired to take up magic at the age of seven after seeing a performance by Moxo the Magician.

By the time he was 20, now known as Andre Kole, he was performing his "Table of Death" illusion on the national network television show "You Asked For It". In 1955 he received the annual Al Sharpe Award for Originality in Presentation from the Texas Associations of Magicians.

Among the illusions Kole is credited with devising are "Squeeze Box" illusion, (licensed to builder John Gaughan), and the "Head Mover" illusion (as performed by David Copperfield, Tim Kole and Kirby VanBurch).

Kole - who has likely performed in more countries of the world than any other magician in history, has bridged many language barriers with his universal art of magic and illusion. In addition to his performances, he has spent more than 20 years investigating psychic phenomena and controversial mysteries.

As part of his elaborate stage production, Kole exposes some of the fraudulent and deceitful hoaxes that he has investigated and reveals the truth behind transcendental levitation, dematerialization, the Bermuda Triangle mystery, the occult and communication with the dead and much more.

Andre's investigations of the paranormal led him to his successful ministry

in magic and illusion. Years ago, Kole was challenged, as a skeptic, to investigate the validity of the miracles of Chrdreist from a magician's point of view.

That investigation eventually led him to receive Christ as his Savior and Lord. For more than 30 years now, he has shared this personal experience with audiences on five continents, seeing an average of over 100 decisions for Christ a night.

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