Amedeo (1890-1974)

Born Amedeo Vacca in Italy, he emigrated to the USA as a youth and was a professional magician by the age of 18.

Performing in New York and Chicago Vacca crossed paths with Harry Houdini at August Roterberg's magic shop in 1921.

The two became friends and for the last three years of Houdini's career, Vacca acted as his advance man. He was one of the last links with Houdini, traveling ahead making arrangements for him in total secrecy.

After Houdini's death, Vacca returned to performing under the name Amedeo, working both in the USA and Europe.

Amedeo Vacca's study with a common box of matches spawned a whole generation of animated matchbox effects.

His work is described in "Amdeos's Continental Magic" (1974) by Frank Garcia and George Schindler.

Amedeo's Continental Magic is a book on the magic of Amedeo Vacca. Includes full write-up of his famous Acrobatic Matchbox routine.

Information courtesy of: "Encyclopedia Of Magic And Magicians."Photo: Amedeo (The Mulholland Library of Conjuring & the Allied Arts)


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