Alli Wad (1895-1967)

Alli-Wad was born Alexander Alekseevich Wadimow-Markeloff in Russia, in 1895.

The genesis of his career began in theater; as a budding actor, Alexander organized a traveling theater troupe during Russian Civil War before discovering his niche in magic.

Alexander performed comedy magic at the famous Russian Kazan Circus as Alli-Wad; a turban-garbed indian character.

In 1927 he studied with renown European illusionist Conradi-Horster in Germany.

Alexander became successful as a comedy magician, mainly in character as a turbanned indian. In addition to performing some incredible stage illusions such as the Levitation, Alli-Wad also incorporated comedy sketches into his act.

For example, he had a routine in which he produced more than a dozen crying babies from a single baby carriage.

Later in his career, Alli-Wad also included some routines with a strong anti-Capitalism theme, which made him a popular entertainer in Russia during the early Cold War years.

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