Alex Weiner aka Aldini (1917-1989)

Aldini was born Alex Weiner on October 12, 1917. He discovered magic as a child which became his lifelong passion and career.

Young Aldini honed his skills until he mastered the art of manipulation. He fashioned his own brand of comedy magic incorporating his keen sense of humor and witty banter.

In his adulthood, Aldini became a member of various magic organizations, including the "Order of Merlin," from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Ring 128 (Santa Monica) and Vice President of Ring 21 (Hollywood).

He managed and owned magic shops from the late 1950's through the 1970's. Aldini also owned and operated his own shop and operated magic shops at Disneyland for many years.

Adini gained international notoriety during World War II, traveling throughout Asia with the late movie star, Melvyn Douglas, presenting magic shows for U.S. troops.

He invented many magic effects, such as the "Aldini Bowl Production" variation on the Westgate Bowl Production, "Clock-A-Rama," and "Acroback Cards."

As an author, Aldini wrote "Rough Stuff," and "Roughingly Yours," and was a contributor to many magic magazines including a column in "The Tops Magazine."

Adini died August 11, 1989 at the age of 72.

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