Albin "Allan" Neumann (1909-1990)

Allan was born Albin Neumann in Austria, in 1909.

Initially a radio engineer, Albin later set his sights on magic, where he studied under Larette Arcano.

In 1925, Albin adopted the stage name "Allan" and launched a successful career in magic and hypnosis, performing corporate shows in Europe and Asia.

From the 1930s to the early 1960s, Allan became an ardent member of the prestigious Magic Club in Vienna or Magischer Klub Wien as it is referred to in local circles.

After WWII, Allan helped educate and train the Vienna police department in the area of gambling fraud with emphasis on card cheating.

As an author, Allan wrote several books in magic, including "The 4th Dimension," in 1955, "Abracadabra;" "Bibliographies Lexicon of Magic" (with Lang & Zerzaway) and "Wrong Spirits, Real Crook," 1969.

Allan died in Vienna in 1990.

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