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"Great Site! Keep up the wonderful magical work!"

"An exellent site!"

"All About Magicians.Com takes magic, ( an "out of the box" art form,) and organizes it... putting it into a box"

All About has worked with some of the biggest names in magic in creating customized biographies, including Franz Harary, Rick Thomas, Steve Wyrick, David Berglas and Jade, to name a few. With over 1000 visitors a day, All About Magicians has become the popular destination for magician profiles on the web.

All-About-Magicians.Com ranks #1 on Google® under "Magician Biographies" and attracts a readership who are interested in:

• Latest news and Magic Products

• Booking Magicians

• Magic performance venues

• Famous Magician biographies and profiles

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Magician Directory - Profile Launcher

Are you a professional magician and you want to launch your service and get the word out quickly? Try our Profile Launcher package and get noticed today.

Cost: $9.95

What you get: 1 featured spot, above the fold - centered right above the magician directory list. We'll showcase your magician's profile on All About's "Magicians Directory" page for 1 month. (this includes a profile graphic, and link to performer's website and/or customized bio page.)

Note: If you wish to have a customized profile page added to our Magician Directory, please Click Here

Homepage - 'Featured Profile' listing

Are you a famous/prominent figure in the magic industry and want to promote your show/service, launch an ad campaign and create a mega buzz in the magic community and beyond? Try our popular "Featured Profile" listing and get the news out on your name. For more information please contact us below.

125x125 Magician Directory - Prime Box Banner

Cost: $2.95/Per Month (current introductory rate - limited space)

What you get: Your 125x125 box banner placed in the right primary position of the 'Magician Directory' page for maximum exposure.

Note: You will need to supply your own 125x125 pixel banner. JPEG or GIF are accepted, no animation is permitted and please keep file size low.

We reserve the right to decline any advertising we feel unsuitable for All About Magicians.Com. If at any time you are not satisfied, we shall refund the balance of your payment and remove your ad. Prices are subject to change upon renewal.


All prices below are in USD. Payment is via You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card.

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