S. S. Adams (b.1869-1963)


Real Name

Soren Adam Sorenson


Sam Adams


Inventor, Manufacturer, Entrepreneur

Place of Birth









Sam possesses the ability to conceptualize, create and manufacture innovative novelty effects. He has invented numerous pocket magic tricks, and over 650 joke shop items.

Interesting Fact

In 1930, a Toronto rubber company offered Sam exclusive rights to "Razz Cussion" - that little rubber pillow which gives a hearty Bronx cheer when sat upon, better known today as the "Whoopie Cushion."

Sam passed on the offer, deeming the concept "too indelicate." The Razz Cushion, in it's first year on the market raked in $50,000.


Soren Sorensen was born near Aarhus, Denmark on May 24, 1879. In 1883, Soren and his parents, Hans and Sofia Sorensen, migrated to the U.S., and resided in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

As a young man Soren went under the name Sam, and at age 35, found himself working as a salesman for a coal-tar product company.

He soon discovered one of the products caused his co-workers to sneeze.

Sam found a way to extract this sneezing property from the product and named the powder "Cachoo."

Swarmed with a multitude of requests for this new sneezing powder, Sam discovered he was on to something potentially lucrative.

He liquidated his interest in a hotel in Pennsylvania, and used the funds to create the "Cachoo Sneezing Company" in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Sold for one dollar, Cachoo became the hottest product around and swept the nation in it's popularity. The sneezing powder sensation eventually died down within a few years and Sam set out to invent new products.

Sam changed the name of his company to the "S.S. Adams Co.," and within the next decade launched a new line of novelties,

including the "Stink Bomb," "Exploding Cigarette Box," "Itching Powder," "Dribble Glass," the "Snake Jam Jar" and the "Joy Buzzer."

The Company went on to produce hundreds successful pocket magic tricks, puzzles and joke items, such as the "The Squirting Nickel," "Money Maker," Bar Bug in Ice Cube" and the "Laughing Tissue."

Sam moved to Ashbury Park, NJ, and continued to run the Company until his death on October 20, 1963, at age 84.

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