David Acer (b.?)


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David Acer




Close-Up Magician, Stand-Up Comedian,

Writer, Inventor

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David possesses the ability of comedic and inventive genius. He Specializes in close-up magic and has lectured, invented and produced a multitude of well respected books on close-up magic for over 25 years.

Interesting Fact

David been nominated for two Gemini awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmys) for his work as scientist/skeptic "Doubting Dave" on Discovery Kids' Mystery Hunters.


"I was cleaning my ear with a Q-Tip while riding to my (then) day job in a taxi when we hit a pothole, causing me to jam the Q-Tip deep into my head. The resulting brain damage made me want to become a professional magician. But seriously folks..." - David Acer

David actually got a magic trick in his Christmas stocking when he was eight or nine - specifically, a plastic "Ball and Vase."

David was pretty shy at the time and his mother saw how fascinated he was by the trick, so she thought magic might be a way to get him out of his shell and brought him to a store in Montreal called Perfect Magic.

The owners, Phil Matlin (inventor of Silver Sanctums, Bewildered, Future Foretold) and his wife Evelyn (author, graphoanalyst) steered David toward books rather than tricks, and after reading Walter Gibson’s "Beginner’s Guide to Magic," he was hooked.

For over 25 years now David has been performing, lecturing and publishing his magic around the world.

His eclectic talents as a close-up magician, stand-up comedian and writer have been featured on numerous television shows around the globe, including "BBC England's The Secret World of Magic," "A&E's Comedy on the Road" "NHK Japan's F.I.S.M." and "ABC's America's Funniest People" to name a few.

As a magician he has performed at The Magic Castle and F.I.S.M. He has also authored eight critically acclaimed books on magic. Since 2002, he has had a regular column in "Genii" Magazine, and is a writer and appearing actor on Discovery Kid's hit series, "Mystery Hunters."

As a comedian and actor, David has had roles in television programs such as YTV's popular show "Prank Patrol" and in the film "Levity" as well as performed many times at Montreal's "Just for Laughs" festival.

For more information, visit David Acer's official website.

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