Bill Abbott (b. 1973)


Real Name

Bill Abbott




Magician, Inventor

Place of Birth

Toronto, Canada, USA


5' 9.5"






Bill possesses the ability to infect and animate anyone with emotion and laughter. As one of Canada's foremost magicians, Bill is a consummate professional who can work wonders for anyone under practically any condition.

He is a thinking man's magician, always thinking his routines through, tweaking and perfecting them to the point of immaculateness. He is also a successful inventor of magic effects and routines.

Interesting Fact

Bill has been a concert violinist since the age of three.


Bill Abbott was born in Toronto, Canada. He started performing at the tender age of five, having first taken the stage at the behest of his school principal to perform a violin solo for the benefit of his primary school.

By the age of 7, he was regularly performing on stage with his father and sister, playing violin at church events, banquets and fairs.

Bill was 12 when he performed his first magic tricks. He and his friends use to go to the local drug-store and buy cheap magic tricks. That Christmas, they did a show and had the neighbours and family and relatives.

He was hooked and in the years since, his magic has taken him across Canada and Western Europe. Over the past 18 years, he has been in constant demand for private parties, corporate functions and special events, becoming one of the most sought-after experts in this unique field of entertainment.

The locations of these events are a list of top establishments from Toronto to Montreal and New York to London, England and everything in between. From celebrities to close friends, Bill prides himself on performing a unique show for each audience.

He participated in the award-winning documentary Sleight of Mind and has made numerous television appearances, including a stint on Talk TV, where one of his illusions caused host Ben Mulroney to flee the studio, screaming, "I've been violated!"

Bill provides two types of entertainment - Cocktail Magic & Mind Reading, and The Magic and Mysteries show. Cocktail Magic & Mind Reading, is a brand of bold and direct close-up magic that could easily be called “jazz magic” in the sense that it's very off the cuff and impromptu.

The Magic and Mysteries Show showcases diabolical mysteries that Bill has been developing for over eighteen years.

Personal objects from the audience are teleported to unbelievable locations, the hidden thoughts of volunteers are revealed and Bill makes incredible predictions that turn out to be 100% accurate! Bill will convince the most jaded skeptics that they can have fun and be fooled at the same time.

Bill is also an inventor and creator of magic effects and routines. He has marketed many DVD's that encompass successful routines from his shows; from Cabaret card magic to performing for kids.

For more information visit Bill Abbott's website.

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