Aaron Fisher (b. 1976)


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Aaron Fisher




Magician, Lecturer, Author, Magic Inventor

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Approx. 5' 7"






Aaron Fisher possesses the ability to create, design and develop some of the most original and innovative card magic effects of today. He is also known for his original sleight-of-hand, and his writings on performing close-up magic.

Specializing in card magic, Fisher travels the world presenting his lectures on card magic. His work has been praised by some of the big names in magic, including David Copperfield, Chris Kenner and Michael Close.

Interesting Fact

Fisher's favorite quote: "Four things put a man beside himself... women, tobacco, cards, and wine."- Spanish Proverb


Aaron Fisher was born on March 3, 1976.

Young Fisher discovered while he was still in high school that learning card magic can be a great deal more complex than it looks. 

Between the ages of 16 and 18, Fisher met his first real card experts: Jack Birnman and Peter Galinskas.

Jack taught him about creativity and its role in card magic — including the notion that you were allowed to change, or alter, the moves you read in magic books.

While he was in college at UNLV in Las Vegas, Fisher was in the perfect laboratory to continue these lessons.

He studied theater during the day and worked on close-up magic the rest of the time.

While he lived there, in the city that's most synonymous with our art, he learned from several of the great names in card magic: Larry Jennings, Michael Skinner and, of course, Johnny Thompson - The Great Tomsoni.

From these men Fisher learned that true creativity comes only from a solid grounding in our craft.

They impressed upon him the rigors of study, the importance of the classics, and the need to seek that ever-elusive concept of naturalness that makes sleight of hand so beautiful.

Fisher continued studying, developing and mastering magic as he continued working.

He performed at the famous "Magic Castle" in Hollywood, and has traveled across the nation entertaining at corporate events, comedy clubs, and stand-up stage shows.

Fisher's passion for magic has been shared and demonstrated through his teaching the art, and spends time every year helping card magicians improve.

Each summer, Fisher works with magic campers at Sorcerer's Safari Summer Program in Ontario, Canada.

He also continues to present his lectures/seminars at magic clubs, societies, and conventions all over the world.

In 2002, the same year that his critically acclaimed book, "The Paper Engine: Tension, Focus and Design in Card Magic," was published, he decided to become a full-time entertainer.

Since that time, the satisfactions Fisher has experienced as a performer has inspired him to impart what what he has learned to a new generation of magicians.

The mind of Fisher has led him to create some of the most original and innovative card magic effects, including "Panic," the popular disappearing-deck effect;

"Search & Destroy," the ultimate slow-motion sandwich effect (featuring The Nowhere Pass); and "The Secret Weapon," a timeless gag with a stunning surprise.

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