Kalin and Jinger (b.?)

Throughout the past fifteen years Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh have redefined the traditional concepts of a “magic show.”

Their unique productions have garnered accolades throughout the entertainment industry for their innovative and theatrical approach to magic and show production.


Real Name

Mark Randall Kalin/Jinger Leigh-Kalin





Place of Birth









Mark Kalin possesses the ability to create impossible illusions on a monolithic scale. For example, in 2001, Kalin made magic history by performing the largest stage illusion in the world--the vanishing of an American Airlines jumbo jet disappear in front of a live audience.

Jinger possesses the ability of superior showmanship, performance and dance prowess. Her signature performances are the Pole Levitation and The Spirit Cabinet.

Kalin and Jinger's famous illusions are Transfiguration, the Pole Levitation, and Wakeling Sawing in Half illusion.

Interesting Fact

Mark Kalin keeps a quote from George Leonard's book "Mastery" Pinned above his desk. Where ever Kalin and Jinger go - he lives by it's credo:

"We fail to realize that mastery is not about perfection; it's about a process--a journey. The master is the one who stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is the one willing to try and fail and then try again for as log as he or she lives."


Mark Kalin was fascinated with puppetry as a child, and wanted to be a puppeteer until one day, at age 9, he looked on a shelf at the library and discovered a book on magic. From that point on, he dropped his puppet and picked up a magic wand.

By the time he was 12, Kalin was performing magic at birthday parties. Just barely out of his teens, with borrowed money, Kalin put together an illusion show.

Ten years later, as a young man, he was recognized as one of the top magicians in the world.

Kalin performed around the world, bringing his innovative routines to theaters, casinos and clubs.

That was when he met a performer named Jinger Leigh. Jinger had taken dance lessons when she was four, and by age seventeen she was working as a professional dancer.

Jinger worked as a dance instructor while performing for companies like Disney, Fuji Television and in Southern California dinner theaters.

The two met at a resort in Guam, and she was instantly impressed by his magic and his rapport with the audience. As they began working together, Jinger became an integral part of the show.

The duo's dynamic performances quickly drew attention Mark Kalin's skillful magic and his personal approach, and Jinger’s elegance and theatricality.

They became known for their fast, dramatic performances, including a number of daring effects with wild animals.

Quickly, their magic was in demand around the world—from Las Vegas to Europe.

In 1998 Kalin & Jinger were voted magic’s highest honor, Magicians of the Year, by the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts—Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

Kalin & Jinger have made numerous television appearances including NBC’s “Word’s Greatest Magicians”, “Hidden Secrets of Magic,” Fox Family’s “Magic on the Edge” as well as appearances on “Entertainment Tonight”, CBS and ABC.

In 1997, they formed Supreme Entertainment Productions and produced “Before Your Very Eyes,” “Carnival of Wonders,” and “Illusionarium". Their shows garnered accolades throughout the entertainment industry and set records at showrooms across the United States.

On February 17th, 2001, Kalin and Jinger made magic history by presenting the largest stage illusion in the world—the disappearance of an American Airlines jumbo jet at the Reno Hilton.

The illusion was presented nightly for over two years. It was the climax of their popular show and was witnessed by over a half-a-million people.

In October, 2003, they performed a unique show at the old Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City. “Ghosts” was a Halloween spectacular, and a real change of pace for this magical duo. It was a small show designed to haunt the landmark theater.

Magic Underground, opened in the spring of 2004, was a bold experiment in the art—one of only several venues in the world devoted entirely to magic and illusion.

It was carefully designed to showcase many astonishing examples of magic—including sleight-of-hand, which can be appreciated by a small audience sitting close to the action.

In 2008, after four-and-a-half years, Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh decided to draw the curtains on Magic Underground.

They felt that the theater demanded too much time, preventing them from taking long-running gigs elsewhere.

In 2009, Kalin and Jinger resurrected the highly successful "Carnival of Wonders" which ran for a limited engagement in select cities.

On November 2010, Mark, Jinger along with their daughter Parker Jude, found themselves stranded aboard the Carnival Splendor cruise when the engine caught fire and the ship lost power. The ship was towed back to shore after an undesirable three days.

The Kalin family reside in Reno, Nevada and continue to mystify audiences globally.

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