Jerry Cestkowski (b 1962)

Jerry Cestkowski, born Gerald P. Cestkowski - aka The Flourishman has been fascinated with spinning objects since he was too young to know better. 

Taking up card flourishes at fourteen, he has been honing his craft for twenty-five years. 

Jerry has been doing pure XCM (Xtreme Card Manipulation) shows since the 1980's, and effortlessly eviscerated all comers in the first ever all-flourish competition in Las Vegas in 1996.

A veteran of thousands of performances for audiences large and small, he is also the most prolific inventor of non-magical moves and sequences ever, with hundreds of creations to his credit.  

To date, no other practitioner of the art has come close to developing, mastering and presenting such a staggering variety of different material. 

He blends card manipulation with martial arts, Frisbee, and juggling in a style that is a far, far cry from the repetitive, narrowly focused sequences that are the stock in trade of the current crowd of compulsive cut conformists.

In 2006, Jerry created and hosted the world's first "XCM/Flourish" focused radio show entitled, "Flash Cards." His show was so successful it lasted for an amazing two years and reached thousands of manipulators.

His radio show lessons and competitions helped many artists grow and a couple even became World XCM Champions!

In 2002, Jerry has also written "The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes (EOPCF) - a comprehensive treatment of fancy card manipulation from the Charlier Pass to juggling cards.  

He has developed an unparalleled knowledge of card flourishing both through exhaustive research and ceaseless hands-on experience. 

Jerry continues to master, invent and describe as many good flourishes as possible.  He considers card flourishes a pure art form, and his goal is to advance the art. 

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