Galina Hayes (b. ?)


Real Name

Galina Strutinskaya


Galina Hayes


Entertainer, Magician, Mime

Place of Birth

Former Soviet Union/Ukraine








Galina possesses the ability of injecting mystery, beauty and sensuality into her illusions.

Her signature illusion involves a levitating glowing ball which interacts with galina on a level of grace and beauty.

Interesting Fact

Galina was a 1988 graduate of the famous Russian Kiev Circus.


Galina was born and educated in the former Soviet Union.

When she was just 16 years old, her father sent her away to cooking school, reasoning that if she became a cook she would never go hungry.

Two years later she graduated, however, her heart was not in it.

With only enough money for a one-way ticket to Kiev, the 18-year old packed her bags and fled her cooking obligations to try out for circus school.

Having access to the world’s best arts' education of that time, she graduated in 1988 from Kiev Circus School with a distinction.

The same year she entered into The Theatre Academia in Moscow.

In 1988, in a competition in Moscow, she won an honour, with the title of “Miss Magic of the Soviet Union”.

The doors were opening for Galina and she went on to perform outside the Soviet Union.

She was also awarded the title of “Miss Magic” in 1989 in Bulgaria.

She was the first Russian magician to win a Gran Prix in 1990 West Germany in the “Magic Hands” competition.

In Kiev she and her friends formed a theatre group, “The Magic Theatre of Cagliostro” which became the first group of its kind, to be independent of the Soviet government.

Generally, being the only female magician in the show, she went on performing, all over the World.

The list of the countries she worked, is extensive; Britain, Australia, USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Holland, Belgium, Poland. She has played traditional variety theatres like the Princess Grace Theatre in Monte Carlo, the Wintergarten Variete in Berlin and most varietes in Germany.

Galina met her future husband, Sonny, in a TV studio in Paris.

He was an established British comedian.

They married in 1997 and from 1999 they worked together as a comedy duo, now known as "The Dream Team."

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