Chevalier Agoston (b. 1821-1876)

Chevalier Agoston was born Carl August Bohm in Germany, November 5, 1821. He was a magician and designer of magic effects.

One of his greatest inventions was the "Flying Bird Cage," which was a long cylindrical cage, which disappeared while being held in one hand.

In the 1860's, he had a boat fashioned into a floating theater which traveled up and down the Rhine river as a floating Temple of Mystery - stopping at all cities and giving performances.

When performing around Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland, he erected a stage called "Solon Agoston." His performances were divided into three parts: first, Drawing Room Magic; second, Wonder Fountain and Fog Pictures, and third; Ghost Apparitions.

He is most noted for the interest of his ghost shows, which he produced with elegant settings. Unfortunately, his floating theater tour was unsuccessful. Agoston attempted to recover his losses by performing in Switzerland; however, that venture also failed.

Agoston later returned to Berlin where he reportedly died of starvation in a poorhouse.

Apparently some time after his death, Mrs. Agoston performed as a magician in Oriental costume with surprising success.

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