Alana (b. ?)


Real Name

Alana Möhlmann





Place of Birth

Hamburg, Germany




Green - Brown


Light brown


Mohlmann possesses the ability of skillful manipulation. Her innovative routines coupled with her dexterous manipulative prowess has given her an upper edge in the world of conjuring.

Interesting Fact

Mohlmann is the first woman to win the Grand Prix of Magic in Germany and in Russia with her original act "In her hands".


Alana Mohlmann was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

She was the daughter of famous illusionists Frederik & Margit, experienced the world of show business at a very early age and took her first steps on stage on her fifth birthday.

Mohlmann assisted her father until she gained enough confidence to perform her first magic routine at the age of 13.

Three years later, she found herself enchanting audiences with close-up magic and longer stage performances.

She began traveling, appearing in many variety theatres, trade fairs, corporate and private events and on cruise ships. Alana's shows reflect a unique spontaneity and versatility together with female charm and elegance.

Mohlmann started working on her first original act: "Magic InStyle." Diamonds shine, pearls appear and high heels materialize from nowhere. Mohlmann’s enchanting stories take the audience into a mystical world of magic, wonder and fashion.

One spectator even experiences his very personal “déjà  shoe” with Mohlmann.

In 2007, her show "Magic InStyle" received the award Großer Hansepreis der Zauberkunst of the magic society Magische Nordlichter.

One year later Mohlmann won third prize at the German Championships of Magic, followed by contracts in England, Spain and the United States.

The young talent wowed her audiences all over the world – performing in each country’s native language.

In 2009 Mohlmann presented her own 20 minute show at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

That same year she was invited to perform "Magic InStyle" at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas in front of the convention’s creators Siegfried and Roy.

Shortly after, Mohlmann decided to create a brand new act to enthrall her audiences and fellow magicians alike.

"In this busy world, who doesn’t dream about having several hands to accomplish several tasks at once?" exclaimed Mohlmann.

This concept of multitasking was an appealing idea for the young artist who earned her master degree in Media and Communication studies simultaneously to her magic career.

Enter Mohlmann’s new act "In Her Hands." In this show, She showcases a myriad of hand manipulations, and makes her favorite jewelry vanish and reappear until she turns completely headless!

A few days after the debut of her new show, Mohlmann was awarded The Grand Prix Award in Germany by the Russian Grand Prix of Magic 2011 at the White Magic convention in Perm - one of the most prestigious international competitions.

With this succes, Alana has gained worldwide recognition from her peers launching her as an international star of magic.

For more information, visit visit Alana's Official website.

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