Alan Rabinowitz (b. 1926)
aka Alan Alan

Alan Alan was born Alan Rabinowitz on November 1926, in England. He gained popularity as an escapologist artist through a series of death defying escapes staged for the media.

At 24 years old, he made headline news when a buried alive stunt entitled "Houdini II Buried Alive," performed for Pathé News, nearly ended in tragedy.

His specialty is his original burning-rope straitjacket escape, in which he is suspended upside down from a crane with a length of thick rope which was on fire, ready to burn through should he not escape quickly enough.

Another variation of this feat had Alan escaping fro a burning rope hanging over a cage of fierce lions.

He is also noted for his handling of classic close-up magic, and his inventions in the magic field. Some of his creations include the "Burning Rope" escape, the "Decimated Coin" trick and "Sharpshooter."

Alan's contribution and influence in the world of magic was formally recognised in 2006 when "The Magic Circle" honored him with the coveted "Maskelyne" award for services to British magic.

He appeared in a number of television magic shows, including "Simon Drake's Secret Cabaret," and "The Magic of David Copperfield," which Alan's "Burning Rope" stunt influenced David Copperfield's "Fires of Passion" escape act.

Before his retirement, he operated "Alan Alan's Magic Spot," a magic and novelty shop based in Southhampton, Row, London until it's closing in 1996.

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